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Chunky knit blanket is so soft and subtle you can get lost in and forget about the world. Every blanket is handmade with massive knitting needles.

This is an ideal wedding gift, birthday present or just any special occasion that deserves a special present.

I offer 6 different sizes, but if you have a specific size in mind, please contact me and we can discuss your requirements.

Baby Blanket 22 x 32 inch (55 x 80 cm) ideal for baby cot or pram.

Lap Blanket 40 x 40 inch (100 x 100 cm) one for the sofa.

Small Blanket 35 x 60 inch (90 x 150 cm) ideal for the bottom of double bed.

Medium Blanket 60 x 60 inch (150 x 150 cm) great for couple on the sofa.

Large Blanket 60 x 70 inch (150 x 180 cm) to cover double bed.

Extra Large Blanket 80 x 80 inch (200 x 200 cm) to cover king size bed.


100% pure hand-spun merino wool.

This is a luxury item, made with the pure quality merino wool and is designed to add pure luxury to your room, so please treat the blanket with care.
Hand-spun wool may lightly shed.

Dry clean only.

All blankets to order, so please allow 7-14 days for the making of your blanket. If you require a more speedy delivery please message me.